Need covid test in connection with travel or work?

Covid-19 tests in Bjørnafjorden kommune are carried out in accordance with criteria from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

National test criteria from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

The following should be tested: 

  1. Everyone with acute respiratory tract infection or other symptoms of COVID-19
  2. Contact tracing: 
    1. Close contacts at the start and end of quarantine
    2. In the case of outbreaks; widened testing of other contacts
    3. People who have been notified by Smittestopp
  3. Arrival in Norway
    1. Mandatory testing at borders
    2. Mandatory test 7 days (from the day after you left your home country) after arrival in Norway
  4. Other screening after infectional control assessment:
    1. When moving in/being admitted to certain healthcare institutions 
    2. Regular testing in certain situations
  5.  Anyone who suspects that they have COVID-19 

For testing with symptoms associated with vaccination, see: 

COVID-19 consultations and testing are free in the public health service for everyone who is staying in the country, regardless of residence status

We do not test for travel or work

We do not test people outside of the criteria listed above, i.e. if you need the test result documentation for travel or work purposes. If you need such a test, please contact a private health care provider (Volvat, Aleris etc.) Fees apply.

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